Standards for production

Standards for Plant and Seed production

The MPI web site has a number of pages that provide the necessary information and documentation to undertake the export of plant products and seeds . The principal components of these pages are listed below


Plant and Forest Export Certification Standards

This page on the MPI web site contains all of the system requirements and  information  required for export. Important documents include:

  • System Overview and Requirements  this document describes how the phytosanitary approval system works and the responsibilities of all those involved in the process.
  • Requirements that an exporter / grower must fulfill  to be able to undertake export certification activities  which can then be verified by an IVA > this documents describes how to become a MPI approved organisation (MAO)
  • What an IVA or MAO must do while undertaking Phytosanitary inspection
  • A description of how ePhyto is operated  and the responsibilities of MPI, IVA’s and MAO’s
  • How to undertake a pest survey to demonstrate an area is free of a specified pest


Standards for seed producers

Seed producers must comply with  a system that produces  seed of consistently high quality  These activities are explained here and include .

  • Seed varietal certification  A document is available on operation of the scheme in New Zealand This describes the minimum technical requirements for  certification of seed for sowing for all parties involved in the process – growers  and  organisations that clean, treat , store , sample, inspect and export seed, seed laboratories and IVA’s
  • The document has 2 separate appendices