Registers and lists

Registers and lists to inform export programmes

MPI has a web page  that provides background for both plant and animal product export .  Links of interest to plant exporters include:


Approved Organisations and Suppliers  

This page contains information on the following :

  • MPI Approved Organisations – a list of organisations that have been registered to grow for export specific crops )
  • MPI Approved Suppliers of Plant Pest Identification Services
  • Treatment Suppliers
  • Independent Verification Authorities


Country Freedom and Commodity Pests lists   


Registers  for the production for export of specific crops

  • Apples to Taiwan  specifically a Packhouse Register, Coolstore Register, Registered Exporters register and list of MPI approved Apples to Taiwan Production Sites 
  • Cherries to Japan a list of registered packhouses and exporters
  • Cherries to Korea a list of registered packhouses and exporters
  • Cut Flowers and Foliage to the United States of America a register each for indoor and outdoor produced cut flowers and foliage
  • Onion Exports - Registered Growers
  • Potato Compliance Programme lists of Exporters, Growers, Packing and/or Storage Facilities -
  • Summerfruit Register of Approved Production Sites, registered Packhouses and Exporters for EU and Switzerland,  for Western Australia, Pre Clearance Register of Exporters,
  • Packhouses and Inspection Depots and Register of USDA Pipfruit Facilities,
  • Production site Tomatoes to Australia registers for bit Loose and Truss  Tomato Fruit to Australia Compliance Programme (Tomato/Potato Psyllid and Liberibacter)