Programmes for export

Phytosanitary programmes for growing and processing for export .

MPI provides official assurance that New Zealand product meets defined requirements. The MPI web site has two web pages with information on such programmes.


Pre-clearance Programmes:

MPI runs 2 pre clearance programmes  which allow product to be inspected in New Zealand and enter the importing country without further inspection .

The 2 programmes listed on this MPI web page include:

  • The USDA pipfruit programme for apples pears and Nashi
  • The Australian verification programme for fresh fruit and vegetable


Compliance Programmes

MPI administers a number of compliance programmes for specific crops to specific countries . These are listed alphabetically on the page and include :  

  • Apples to Australia
  • Apples to China
  • Apples to Japan
  • Apples to Taiwan
  • Bulbs to Japan
  • Codling Moth Sensitive Markets Programme
  • Cut Flowers and Foliage to the United States of America
  • Onion Smut Surveys for Export
  • Potato Compliance Programme
  • Summerfruit
  • Tomatoes to Australia
  • Tree Ferns to European Union


Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR)

MPI maintains a list of the ICPR's of our main trading partners . These are available on the MPI website .

Prior to export it is important that the relevant ICPR is checked to ensure the product you wish to send  is suitable for export and in a condition that will allow it to enter the Country.

An IVA will check export product  to verify it fulfills these requirements either

  • during production/ packing ( if you are a MPI approved organisation) 
  • or immediately prior to export ( an end point inspection)

Once the product complies with a Countries ICPR it can be provided with a phytosanitary certificate.

In most cases the IVA will be able to print the certificate on official MPI paper immediately.  For France, Mexico and the United Arab emirates a wet signature is required.