Dealing with pests

Identifying and getting to know what pests are present


Information on pests  

MPI has a web page that contains a lot of  information on pests.  What is regarded to be a pest and what is not a pest .

Information available on this page includes:

  • New Zealand’s country freedom status; Country freedom is  a list of organisms for which country freedom reports have been completed. I.e. these pests are not known to be present in New Zealand.
  • Commodity pest lists for USA and Australia.  These lists name plant pests known to have been detected on produce being exported from New Zealand to these countries and includes all the commodities involved in  Pre-Clearance programmes to these countries. These lists are the  current list used by  pre-clearance inspectors for these product . These lists are updated regularly.
  • Identification  Pest keys for selected beetles and mites in NZ . These are available at the bottom of this page.


Pest lists  

Sectors who wish to open up a new market may be  required to prepare a pest list ( i.e. those pests found on the product in New Zealand ). This link provides full details on how to compile a pest list.