Roger Gilbertson

Roger represents the  Pipfruit Sector .

Roger works for Pipfruit New Zealand  as the person responsible for Biosecurity and Food Safety and Compliance for Market access.

Pipfruit NZ Inc. promotes and represents the New Zealand Pipfruit industry - growers, packers, and marketers of apples and pears - in domestic and export markets.  Its objectives include:

  • Developing  and promoting  access to overseas markets;
  • Speaking  on behalf of the New Zealand Pipfruit industry and representing its interests;

In 2010/ 11 the Pipfruit Sector:

  • had 303  growers on 8630 hectare
  • exported  $324.6 million of product  and
  • exported  fruit to 64 countries.

Pipfruit NZ Inc. is 100% owned by New Zealand Pipfruit growers.               

Contact details

Phone :   +64 (027)  5415647