Simon Hegarty

Represents the  Horticultural Exporting Authority (HEA)  Simon has headed the HEA  since 2005.

The HEA Act was established in 1987 to ‘promote the effective export marketing of horticultural products’ by providing horticulture sectors with an export licensing structure within which they can co-ordinate their marketing and on-going sector development.  The HEA administers the Act on behalf of MAF, for the industry groups that choose to utilize it and is totally funded by industry.

Each industry group operating under the HEA exporting framework has its own Export Marketing Strategy (EMS) – essentially its exporting rules/requirements and each exporter must hold a license. HEA is also required under the Act to advocate for horticulture  on matters associated with trade access and to lobby governmant on relevant exporting issues. In 2012 the following sector groups were members of HEA:  Avocados , Blackcurrants, Boysenberries, Buttercup Squash, Chestnuts, Kiwifruit to Australia. Persimmons, Summerfruit , Tamarillos  and Truffles. Collectively, these groups export over NZ$200million annually.

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