PMAC weekly update 11th September

PMAC weekly update 4th September to 11th September

Full update available here

  1. Government agencies: ICPR Changes; WTO Notifications; MPI trialling hologram tech at Auckland International Airport; TBT information; Award winning social media campaign in China; Three guides to doing business with East Asia; Tackling trade barriers for New Zealand exporters
  1. New Zealand News:  Political parties trade policy; New Ambassador to South East Asian Nations; Vanuatu signing PACER Plus an important development; China FTA upgrade worth thousands of jobs; Kiwifruit Claim defence argues there was no duty of care owed by MPI; No path for criminal action for Zespri against grower who sent kiwi to China; New Zealand: Poinsettia Thrips detected in Auckland greenhouse; Zespri seeks to continue growth in the Chinese market; Zespri pushes to supply SunGold kiwi year round; Zespri shareholders to vote for constitutional changes in March; Australia: Plant & Food Research licenses blueberry varieties to T&G; No GM petunias currently under production in New Zealand; Compac unveils "leap forward" in cherry grading
  1. International news: France to vote against glyphosate license renewal; Copa and Cogeca demand EU legislation to stop unfair trading practices; WHO asks for the most toxic pesticides to be banned; Turkey introduces new labelling directory for food products; Spreading the Word feeding the World; Applications to the European Patent Office; DowDuPont merger successfully completed; UrthMarket will tempt consumers to buy groceries online; 2018 Horti Asia scheduled for August; Hip song about broccoli; Australia: Lettuce link suggested in hepatitis A outbreak; UK: Avoiding foodborne illnesses; Carrefour offers residue-free pears; The importance of good information; Counting down to the International Floriculture Trade Fair; Can chlorinated products be applied for disinfection?; IBM announces food safety blockchain collaboration with Dole, Driscoll’s; Battle against China's fake foods drives new tech frontier; Tesco China's 'Safety Bags' Destroy Toxic Chemicals Found in Fruits and Vegetables; Quick method to assess the freshness of leaf vegetables; US (CA): Impact of biological pesticides on the quality of fresh produce