PMAC weekly update 21st August

PMAC weekly update 14th August to 21st August

Full update available here

  1. Government agencies: ICPR Requirements; WTO Notifications; Heads up! New F&B country-of-origin rules for Australia; ANZCO Foods joins primary coalition to tackle China
  1. New Zealand News: New HOM to Ethiopia and the African Union; New Ambassador to Iran; Auckland to host APEC 2021 Leaders’ Week; McClay - Government approves TPP11 mandate; Levy on irrigated water will not affect food prices in NZ; NZ acquifier recharge could boost regional horticulture by $27m; Seeka took a major hit during Psa outbreak; Ag industry working to stamp out labour violators; Kiwis assured all fresh avocados are home-grown; NZ avocado a cut above the rest; Kiwis ranked amongst highest consumers of fruit & veg; A couple of articles from tradepost worth looking at; Getting off the well-worn farm track; Significant changes to provisional tax already in effect for NZ farmers; Compac leading the fruit world with ingenuity and innovation
  1. International news: GAIN reports; List expanded of Xylella host plants requiring a passport; Syngenta invests in Premier Crop Systems; Bayer offers concessions to EU Commission for Monsanto deal; Maersk CEO expects further consolidation of container industry; Online course on international transport and logistics; Dutch Statistics: floriculture shrinkage speeds up; Royal FloraHolland sounds out clients on image auctioning; New coating could increase fruit shelf life to four weeks; Beet pigments may help boost resistance to disease