PMAC weekly update 8th May

PMAC weekly update 1st to 8th May

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  1. Government agencies: ICPR updates; Response underway following myrtle rust find; WTO notifications; Import and export entry reminder — Korea;
  1. New Zealand News:  New Ambassador to France appointed; NZ - MERCOSUR Dialogue to resume ; First MAG meeting to increase trade engagement; Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards announced; Zespri forecasts record profit from Gold3 licence revenue; Concerns to the longer term impacts on avocados; Guava moth explosion devastating Auckland’s feijoas; NZ lags behind other countries in ethically sourced bananas; New Zealand Flower & Garden Show returns
  1. International news: GAIN reports; Guidance on the risk assessment of GMO at low level; Biotech/GM crops surge to new peak of 185.1 million hectares; China reduces VAT on agricultural products; Robotic apple pickers worry US farmers; Freshfel report shows growth in EU fruit & veg consumption; Study claims cardboard safer than plastic for fruit transportation; Towards a European Bee Partnership; Broccoli could help reduce damage from strokes