PMAC weekly update 17th April


PMAC weekly update 10th April to 17th April

Full update available here

1. Government agencies: ICPR update; Changes to Fiji’s requirement for semi-processed vegetables; Food Act Implementation milestone  31 March 2017; Completed Trade Single Window

2.New Zealand News:  Business Mission to Viet Nam & Thailand 2017; ; FOOD + TECH on Friday 12 May, 2017 Defending Globalisation: We’re all in this together; Profits up for EastPack with record green crop; Growers pay steep prices to Zespri for right to grow gold kiwifruit ; Chart of New Zealand kiwifruit farms by region; Kiwifruit production relatively unscathed by cyclone Cook; NZ/AUS invest in tech to combat fresh produce counterfeits; New Zealand hotel cleaners praised after discovering pest; New Zealand suspends imports of melons treated with dimethoate; New Zealanders get closer to CoOL regulations; NZ apple prices continue to fall from January peak

3.International news: GAIN reports; International seed standard is good news for U.S. seed industry; Water security challenges and solutions; No need for hysteria over reports of listeria in romaine lettuce; Digitising certification for quicker trade; Guide helps identify gaps in pest management; Study shows fruit & veg could help lower blood pressure; Eating greens could reduce risk of broken bones by 50%; Researchers expect medical breakthrough using apple waste; New technology detects irregularities in fresh produce