PMAC weekly update

Each Monday PMAC releases a weekly update containing s a variety of National and International news articles. Click here for this weeks newsletter and  articles from the  last six weeks worth of newsletters

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Accessing weekly updates

 Information articles in all newsletters since July 2012 are available on requst. Please contact quoting the approximate publication time and tropic  All articles of significance  have been categorised for easy access and can be located by searching on a key word.  If you are looking for an article published over a month ago and it is not present on the system . Please contact  with the approximate name of the article and/ or  date of the newsletter .

Nationally information is sourced from

  • MPI on changes to market access regulations (full un-summarised text is provided here). This does not include changes to the ICPR's since this is an iterative process and the latest version is available on the ICPR search database
  • MPI  news and information releases
  • Market access activity being undertaken by other government departments – including reports information and  requests  for feedback. Information is most often sourced from MFAT , NZTE, MED , Customs and Statistics New Zealand
  • NGO’s that are associated with Horticulture and or exporting . Information is most often sourced from  Business New Zealand , Horticulture New Zealand  and  Export NZ
  • News articles from New Zealand publications  on plant producing sectors and businesses.


Internationally information is sourced

from web sites that deal with news internationally on plant products, markets and innovation . Sources include

  • Overseas agricultural authorities e.g. the Australian Department of Agriculture, Farming and Fishing.
  • Commercial forums e.g. Fresh Plaza , The Packer
  • Regulatory organisations e.g. EU Trade Sanitary and Phytosanitary news