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ICPR’s  -  Importing Country Phytosanitary Requirements

      All ICPR’s are accessible through the ICPR search page which allows you to enter the Plant Commodity name and the Country to be exported to (note in all cases the information needs to be accessed from the bottom of the page. Alternatively you may wish to access:


Maximum Residue levels ( MRL) Database -

the MPI database which lists known MRL’s for a range of countries   A range of other information is available on MRLs


Ephyto system 

the electronic portal required to obtain a phytosanitary certificate.  Access more background and how to register for ePhyto 


IVA contact details 

 (Independent Verification Agencies) and the services they provide  for both food safety (quality grade assurance)  and  phytosanitary purposes 


It is important to read the plant exporting disclaimer  before accessing any of this information on the MPI web site.