Phytosanitary requirements


Overview of Phytosanitary requirements

Phytosanitary documents on the MPI web site describe the systems in place to support plant product exports. 

To export plant products; exporters must meet the phytosanitary standards of the importing country.  MPI has a framework in place that allows it to provide assurances to importing countries that the product meets their importing phytosanitary requirements.  (Product grown according  to relevant protocols can be provided with a phytocertificate to facilitate the products entry to the designated market)

To do this MPI delegates verification of plant products to Independent Verification Authorities (IVA’s) and MPI  approved organisations (MAO). These organisations must either show  that product has  been produced in a way that will minimise pest infestations or is checked and shown to not exceed a specified level of pests .The MPI web site has a number of web pages that contain information on this system . Note some but not all documents are linked to this web site.

Important areas  include

  • Programmes for growing and processing plant exports
  • Plant and Forest Export Certification Standards 
  • Standards for seed producers
  • Information on Pests, Registers of organisations and Indexes 
  • Pest lists
  • Third part requirements

Specific areas can be assessed from the pages on the left hand side of your screen.