Exporting help from outside NZ

A number of overseas web site contain information that can help with the export process

These include

Helpdesk for Exporters to the EU

This free online service is a one-stop-shop to inform businesses in developing countries how to export to the EU. It includes EU requirements, taxes, tariffs, preferential arrangements, rules of origin and statistics applying to their case. Access the EU helpdesk here

GAIN reports

The “Global Agricultural Information Network” reports  are produced by the USDA. They are designed to provide timely information on the economy, products and issues in foreign countries that are likely to have an impact on United States agricultural production and trade. The information in them is written for USA exporters but the majority is equally relevant to New Zealand.  Gain reports are easy to search by entering the country and information you require. With regard to import regulations New Zealand exporters should first check the countries  ICPR on MPI’s web site since these are collated specifically for New Zealand product. However the Gain reports often provide additional information that is useful e.g. on grading and labelling   Access the Gain report website here