Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMAC?

PMAC (Plants Market Access Council) is a cross industry government body that works to optimise market access for the Horticultural and Arable (plant) export industries. It is a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT)  and the horticultural and arable industries. PMAC develops and implements strategies for New Zealand's market access and export assurances programme for plants and plant products.

Why was PMAC formed?

PMAC was formed to promote  industry input into the direction and implementation of MPI's efforts to develop market access programmes for horticultural and arable exports.

What is PMAC’s Purpose?

PMAC's purpose is to contribute to optimising economic returns to New Zealand through universal, sustainable and profitable market access for plant products.

PMAC’s Mission is to : 

PMAC's mission is to provide strategic leadership to drive market access for New Zealand plant products through a partnership between industry and government agencies

What are PMAC’s goals?

PMAC through its advice to Government  is working to deliver the following goals:

  • Maximise sustainable and profitable market access by maintaining existing and exploring new opportunities.
  • Influence international standards to New Zealand’s advantage.
  • Proactively manage risks and issues.
  • Optimise New Zealand export assurance systems. 
  • Minimise unjustified market access requirements.
  • Effective communication between industry and government.

How is the PMAC Incorporated Society funded?

The Society itself (governance and general meetings) is funded from membership subscription. The subscription is set on an annual basis and is currently:

  • $1,610 (+GST) per annumfor Ordinary Members.
  • $575 (+GST) per annum IVA Members and Service Members (e.g. Freight forwarders and Cold Storage) is
  • There is no subscription for Special members (MFAT and MPI)
  • 2016/17 budget