Work to Identify if this is the only fly


I     Intensive trapping was undertaken . After the second find the following trapping regime was used

  • Zone A -119 traps checked daily ( this compares with the national surveillance system where traps are checked every 14 days)
  • Zone B -212  traps checked every 3 days  
  • At high risk sites outside zone B  36 traps


Amnesty bins were placed to collect fruit for examination and safe disposal

  • 109 in Zone A-  by 9th April  20 Kg fruit had been collected
  • 113 in Zone B - 220 Kg fruit collected by 9th April

A field laboratory was established to examine fruit collected in the Controlled Area from gardens and amnesty bins.

Increased trapping and fruit examination continued for two weeks followed by a lower level of enhanced trapping. MPI was confident that this would identify if any more QFF are present.