Finding out how the flies have arrived in Whangarei

QFF is found in the eastern areas of Australia and some Pacific Islands such as New Caledonia. The QFF found in Whangarei must have originated from one of these areas

mAfter the second find Molecular diagnostic work was undertaken to investigate if the 2 detectionw were linked to the detection  and whether MPI could identify where it were it was likely to have originated from.  The results were unclear.


QFF could enter New Zealand via a number of routes

  • With private passengers in fruit they carry - visitors arriving by Plane or Ships are inspected at the border to prevent fruit being carried in.
  • On fruit sent by mail – all mail from high risk areas are screened
  • On private yachts –
  • Biosecurity checks for ships and private yachts coming to Whangarei from overseas are carried out at Marsden Pt and Marsden Cove. (See brochure)
  • Yachts are met on arrival and inspected at Marsden Cove. Any fruit and vegetables found on the boats are collected by the inspectors and destroyed.


On imported fruit and produce 

  • All fruit and produce from infected areas overseas needs to be treated to ensure they do not contain any live QFF.  MPI has set very high standards for these treatments for an  example see the import health standard for tomatoes from Australia.
  •  MPI has worked with the Australian Department of Agriculture, Farming and Forestry to check that all produce sent to New Zealand was properly treated and approved in the weeks before the find.
  • A review of these import controls from Australia was  undertaken to see if this pathway can be improved.
  • All produce supplied to Whangarei had arrived in New Zealand  via other ports ( usually via Tauranga and Auckland)