Government Agencies

Two Government Agencies sit on PMAC: MFAT and MPI. Both agencies support New Zealand exporters and share responsibilities and resources when required.


Ministry for Primary Industries

MPI is the primary agency that delivers market access services to PMAC industry members. Market access activities undertaken by MPI on behalf of plant product exporters must be cost recovered. See here for the range of work this covers


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

MFAT is primarily involved in PMAC so that it can keep abreast of market issues and consult industry on issues that arise during its international negotiations.  MFATs work is funded by the crown. Consequently it makes no call on the funds that are cost recovered from industry.

Strategically MFAT drives New Zealand’s work on Free Trade negotiations and provides representation on WTO committees such as SPS. At an operational level MFAT officials often work  with MPI officials to sort out access issues and represent the needs of exporters in significant markets.  Having an MFAT official on the Council helps to keep the activities of both organisations aligned.



 New Zealand Trade and Industry is the third government Agency that is often involved is assisting exporters with opening markets and dealing with in market issues . It is the New Zealand Government’s international business development agency with focus is to help companies thrive internationally.

Unlike MPI and MFAT it works solely in the commercial space and does not become involved in Government to Government conversations. Conseqeuently it does not sit on PMAC but will be included in some of the PMAC projects if its imput can add value.