PMAC Inc budget and membership


PMAC Inc membership

PMAC incorporated (PMAC Inc)  has  4 types of members ( for a full description see section 4 of the PMAC rules)

  • Ordinary members – industry members that represent the exporters,  growers and legislated bodies established to represent plant producers.
  • Special members – one from  MFAT and two from MPI
  • IVA’s- Independent Verification Authorities
  • Service members-  representing industries that provides services to facilitate the export of  plant products


PMAC Inc budget

The PMAC Inc. budget and  membership fees are approved each year at the PMAC Inc. AGM. PMAC Inc members fees are set solely to cover Ordinary members expenses,  to run the PMAC meetings and mainatin the PMAC web site.

The  membership fees are currently:

  • $1610 (plus GST) for ordinary members
  • $575 (plus GST) for IVA and Service members
  • $0 for Special members