What we do

PMAC provides leadership on market access issues facing the plant industry.


Industry and Government members meet  four to six times a year to agree strategies, discuss and prioritise market access activities undertaken by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)  and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT).   PMAC members provide advice and input into:

  • MPI’s strategic  approach to market access activities (e.g. ranks overseas  markets to inform MPI's involvement in market access activity with specific markets)
  • items on MPI’s annual workplan for the plant exports technical and market access groups 
  • the development of export assurance programmes
  • MPI’s input to Free Trade Agreements  and to WTO meetings
  • communication of new developments  and issues  that may impact sectors

Executive meetings are held quarterly for all members  and working groups(normally involving a interested members) are formed in response to specific issues.


2018 Meetings

Meeting dates for 2018 are as follows

  • February 28th 
  • May  22nd and 23rd
  • June  18th – one hour budget teleconference 
  • August  21st 
  • November 7th  followed by the AGM

The PMAC secretariat  provides support to PMAC members by:

  • Providing papers and information for PMAC meetings
  • Progressing  issues between meetings
  • Providing input to MPI between meetings by  representing  the  agreed PMAC stance
  • Actively communicating  market access information to all stakeholders