PMAC's Strategy


Providing a framework for PMAC's activity

In 2011 PMAC agreed a new strategy to guide its activity between 2011 and 2015 . This strategy was revised in 2013 and is a joint strategy for the plants industry with government; covering the full range of technical market access issues and  providing direction for all activity undertaken within MPI that deals access issues for plant products. The updated strategy is availbale here

 The strategy  has been designed to support  the market access component of a number of relevant strategies including but not restricted to:

The Strategy identifies 6 Goals and articulates a set of business strategies to facilitate delivery of these goals. The 6 Goals are

  • Maximise sustainable and profitable  market access opportunities
  • Influence international standards
  • Manage risks and issues
  • Optimise export assurance system
  • Minimise non-justified requirements
  • Communicate between Industry and Government

To describe how these goals will be delivered the strategy  includes a set of Success indicators to measure progress.

The PMAC Annual Report will report progress against each goal.