Documents that influence how PMAC members work

 The activity of PMAC incorporated is guided by two documents:


1)  PMAC Incorporated Rules.

The Incorporated Societies Act 1908 requires that every incorporated society has a set of rules. 

PMAC’s rules contain direction  on

  • PMAC’s name, purpose and goal ( Section 3)
  • Membership (Section 4)
  • Fees (Section 7)
  • Meeting management (Section 9)
  • Liability (Section 11)
  • Financial accountability (Section 13)
  • Publicity (Section 16)

The PMAC rules  can be changed only at the AGM or at a special meeting.


2) PMAC Charter

In addition to the Rules  in 2011 PMAC agreed  a charter to outline its expectations of members both at PMAC meetings and when they represent PMAC outside the meeting room.