PMAC People

Who's involved on PMAC

There are currently 18 members on the Executive Council.  Members are supported by a Secretariat consisting of a Chairman and Executive Officer.


Current Executive Council Members

There are 4 types of members who attend the PMAC meetings. Visit each page for details of each of PMAC's members.

  • Ordinary members are industry representatives of plant producing sectors.  Ordinary members have full voting rights.   
  • Special members are government agency representatives from MPI and MFAT.  These two Government departments are directly involved with Market Access activity.  Special members have full voting rights.    
  • IVA members  are Independent Verification Authority representatives. These members  have speaking rights only

  • Service Members are from companies that supply support to plant exporters. These members  have speaking rights only. There is currently only one service member -Rosemarie Dawson  from the Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders  Association



The Secretariat provides support to the Executive Council

  • Dr Michael Ahie                      Chairperson
  • Helen Gear                               Executive Officer

Full details about membership, election to the Executive Council and voting rights are contained in the PMAC rules.