MPI Workplan

MPI's annual workplan

MPI  annually agrees a workplan with PMAC for market access  activities  undertaken by its

  • market access directorate , and
  • import and export standards directorate.

The workplan includes  work that will benefit all plant producers and exporters. This work is funded with cost recovered funds.  The annual workplan is drafted in March/  April of a given year  and agreed prior to June 30th.  It  is designed so that all work contributes to one of PMAC’s six strategic goals .  The work undertaken can also be categorised as either:


Core activities

Core activities are those activates that need to occur every year. They are required to run the certificate system, assist exporters  and build confidence in New Zealand plant products. Work in this area includes maintaining:



Projects are planned on an annual basis in specific areas. These are designed to manage risks, enhance processes or further develop relationships in / information about target markets 

For example in the 2015/16 year the agreed projects include:

  • Development of a contingency plan to proactively deal with the implications of a Fruit Fly incursion
  • Scoping project to establish cost of ICPR database
  • Complete review of the certification system with approval of updated MAO systems
  • Registrations management project
  • GIS logging project for properties
  • Asia MRL project phase 3 (India)
  • Food safety assurances

Projects are prioritized to ensure that high priority projects are completed first

The work plan does include sector  specific work items e.g. to gain market access to Australia for Zantadescia , or to develop production protocols for the export of apples to Russia . Sector specific work is  undertaken in response to a request by the sector and is paid for at an hourly. rate by the sector concerned.