MPI's budget for PMAC work

PMAC's budget and how MPI funds activity in this area

PMAC agrees its annual budget in June of each year. A budget is set  for  the workplan  agreed between Industry and Government members on PMAC. This workplan is funded from the fees charged with each phytocertificate purchased by exporters (cost recovered funding).  Once the budget is agreed the Phytocertificate fees for the year are set .

The budgetary  year is aligned with MPIs financial year and runs from 1 July to 30 June. Progress on the PMAC budget is reported quarterly to the entire Council and is reported on annually in the PMAC Annual report released in October.  The budget for  2015/16 is down loadable at the botom of this page.

Work to support plant exports within MPI receives no government funding. MPI staff working in this area are supported either by the cost recovered funds described above or from fees paid by individual sectors and  organisations for assistance with  market access issues. 

The cost recovered budget has been set at a level that is designed to employ sufficient resources to ensure:

  • there are capable people available to help with sector specific issues when they arise
  • sufficient capability to support essential services
  • flexibility to employ temporary  resources to complete essential projects in a timely fashion