How PMAC is set up

Describing the roles of  PMAC and PMAC inc



PMAC is the consultative  council  where  Industry  representatives, MPI and MFAT consider and endorse the use of  cost recovered funding. The funds are used by MPI to support exporting activity and to help optimise the access of plant products to international markets s. To guide this work PMAC:

  • Has developed a strategy  to provide a measurable framework for its activity. Please also see the strategies  one page summary
  • Agrees MPI’s annual workplan and budget
  • Agrees the development of tools and systems that support New Zealand plant exports,  and
  • Sets  the Phytosanitary certificate fees at a level that will fund MPI’s annual budget.


PMAC incorporated (PMAC Inc.)  

   PMAC Inc  is the entity that provides the legal structure for PMAC to exist .   The purpose of PMAC Inc. is to:

  • Provide a framework and rules describing how PMAC will operate
  • Collects funds from industry members to fund the meetings and attendance of  out of town members
  • Hold  an AGM in October or November  to report of PMAC’s activity