PMACs History and timeline


As a consultative Committee

1992  Market Access Consultative Committee – Plants  formed ( an in-house committee of MAF now known ad MPI). The committee was established so that MAF's Chief Plants Officer  could consult industry  on matters such as the development of new markets or the costs and efficiencies of maintaining access into existing ones.

1996 Review of Plant Export Certification Services  instigated by MAF  to explore processes that would:

  • Ensure greater industry knowledge and involvement in the determination of the plants export certification process;
  • Deliver the most cost effective means of providing plants export certification services;
  • Determine the processes by which certification services could be best managed and their performance measured.

From the review the MAF Director-General accepted the recommendation that: The Plants Market Access Consultative Committee should be restructured to act as an industry voice to take a proactive role in working with MAF on the setting of standards and policies that affect industry costs.


Formed an incorporated society

1998 Plants Market Access Consultative Committee (PMACC) became an Incorporated Society. A memorandum of understanding was implemented between MAF and PMACC Inc. to set up a forum to provide proactive co-operation between the horticultural and arable industries and MAF to ensure that market access outcomes were in the best interests of the Industry.

1999 MAF was restructured into the MAF Biosecurity Authority and the MAF Food Safety Authority. Responsibility for providing official assurances to importing countries was split between so that

  • MAF Biosecurity Authority provided phytosanitary certification and
  • the Food Safety Authority, being responsible for grade, food safety and organic requirements.


Became a Council

2000 Review of the Official assurance arrangements as a condition for market access of New Zealand plants and plant products by MAF confirmed PMACC as the peak body for the development and implementation of New Zealand 's market access and export assurances programmes for all plants and plant products.

2001 PMACC changed to Plants Market Access Council (PMAC) to enable a single joint industry/MAF Biosecurity/NZFSA consultative body with a MAF Biosecurity and NZFSA position reserved  on the Executive Council  alongside Industry members. Other changes included:

  • Changes to the Membership Rules to encourage greater participation by sector groups and with automatic positions on the Council held by representatives from the vegetable, kiwifruit, and Pipfruit industries.
  • Changes to the rules to provide a framework for the employment of an Executive Secretary. 

2004 PMAC web site developed 

2006 PMAC Strategy published 


MFAT joined

2008 MFAT joins PMAC recognised the importance of  ensuring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) staff are familiar with market access issues for plant product exporters  by including MFAT representation on the Committee as a special member

2010 Independent Chair appointed to PMAC to facilitate consensus at meetings and represent PMAC views to external parities

2011 PMAC Strategy updated

       2012  MAF becomes  MPI  and PMAC website updated . MAF amalgamates with NZFSA and the Ministry of   Fisheries to become the Ministry for Primary industries  and the PMAC website is updated to make it more accessible