How PMAC work is funded


How funds  are collected

Market Access activity, undertaken by MPI, to support  plant product exporters is funded  with money collected from the Plants industry . Funds are collected as part of the cost of the  phytosanitary certificate . These funds  are deliberately cost recoved by Government from industry so that they can be used to support activties that benefit that indutry.

From the 1st August 2016 the  phytosanitary certificate fees are :

  • $22.29 (normally $24.77) for non-food plant products  ($25.63 incl GST).
  • $34.46 (normally $38.29) for food plant products ($39.63 incl GST).

In the 2014/15 year 41,529 certificates were issued collecting approximately $1.47 million. Apprximately 9000 of these were for non-food products  and 31,500 were for edible fruit and vegetables. There was an increase of 2.5% in the number of certificates supplied in the 2014/15 year

MPI is currently udertaking a review of its cost recovered funds which will be completed by 2018 - see here for the latest news

In June 2016 MPI released a consultation document that represented the first phase of the project and described how MPI will approach cost recovery and how it will determine who will pay for each of its services . PMACs submission on that document is available here

Phytosanitary certificates

A phytosanitary certificate is provided to exporters where the product has

  • been produced in line with agreed protocols, or
  • has been cleared in an “end point inspection”

IVA’s are certified by MPI to inspect product and provide  the phytosanitary certificate on MPI’s behalf where product is compliant.

A phytosanitary certificate will  accompany a plant export independent of the size of the export.  The number of phytocertificates is therefore not proportional to the volume or value of plant products exported just to the number of consignments that are sent.

Phytosanitary certificates are available for:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Processed fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Processed vegetables
  • Flowers and foliage
  • Plants, bulbs and seeds(flower, vegetable and tree)
  • Arable seeds
  • Forest products

PMAC  funds  are collected  in the phytocertificate fees for all of these products except forestry products.

Funds from Forestry phtyocertificates are accounted for separately within MPI and are not included in any of the activity on this web site.  Advice on these funds  are provided by the Forest Produce Export Committee.