Newsletter April 2010

April 2010 PMAC newsletter is available here. The newsletter containe the followinfg articles:

1.  NZSFA and MAF to merge

2.  New Executive Officer   

3.  Food Bill

4.  NZFSA develops strategic approach to Market access issues

5.  Safe guarding MRL levels

6.  NZFSA Market Prioritisation process

7. The use of “To Order” on phytocertificates

8.  Development of Phytocert.

9.  MAFBNZ’s Pest lists

10. MAFBNZ ICPR search system implemented on 3rd  November 2009 

11. WTO report on fireblight yet to be finalised

12. MAFBNZ visit to China and Japan

13. Recent Pest Problems

14. PMAC website to be updated                               

15.  NZSFA baseline survey of residues