Fruit fly preparedness project

Fruit fly preparedness project

 This project aims to pre-emptively agree market access conditions with our key markets in case there is an incursion of a significant fruit fly species into New Zealand.  While this will not guarantee that market access  it should significantly decrease the length  and severity of any restrictions.

A protocol has been  developed  that will be used to negotiate these pre-emptive agreements. The protocol contains all the information about how New Zealand can identify a fruit fly incursion, how we will eradicate the fruit fly population and steps that will be taken to ensure all product leaving New Zealand is fruit fly free. It is currently being used to support negotaiation with four countries.

To support implementation of these pre-emptive agreements an OAP is needed to specify what areas an MAO must address.  A draft FF OAP has been developed  and was released in October 2016.  The OAP will be finalsed once negotiataion are completed with each trading partner.

The draft OAP  will allow MAO’s to pre-emptively develop the systems that will allow them to comply with with the likley export requirement tat would be imposed if  fruit fy incursion is announced . Even before the first pre-emptive agreement is signed this will allow MAO’s ( and Sectors)  to be better prepared for a potential incursion. 

Additional information and updates

There are a number of communications that provide addditional detail

1) An overview of the project . This provides an overview of the project and its scope.

2) A detailed update  provided early January 2016 which provides a detailed overview of progress at that time and some of the challenges involved in progressing the project

3) An brief update provided in December 2016 reporting on the status of the projects workstream at the time the first 4 countries were provided with the negotiation protocol

4) December 2016 background to  progress in 2016

[i] This working group is comprised of Industry representatives and the MPI  officials contributing to this project.