Certification project

MPI/ PMAC / FPEC Certification review

Starting in 2014 MPI worked in partnership with PMAC and the Forest Product Exporters Council (FPEC) to review the phytosanitary system. The project has worked to enhance and streamline the current certification process for horticultural, forestry and seed exports.  For additional background and an overview of the project click here

The result is a new set of updated MPI certification standards. The new Standards  are available on the MPI web site

After release of the revised standards all MPI Approved Organisations (MAO’s) were required to attend a familiarisation workshop and then to resubmit their updated systems for approval

PMAC is confident that this work has strengthened the good reputation of New Zealand’s phytosanitary certificates and will ensure that MAO’s systems are able to withstand the scrutiny of our trading partners. New Zealand’s approach to certification is more flexible and cost effective than assurance systems in other countries so it is important that their integrity and good reputation is maintained.


Next steps

Now that the project is completed, a formal review of the project will be undertaken in 2017 to compile lessons learnt. These will be used to inform the planning for future projects which affect large numbers of businesses.  The review will also identify areas in the standards which still need to be refreshed or clarified. MPI is keen that going forward the certification system is regularly updated to ensure that a similar large review is not required.

PMAC will be presented annually with an upgrade program for approval that involves topic identification, opportunity for industry input and communication with MAO’s.