Reassessment of fumigants in Japan

Reassessment of fumigants in Japan



In August 2013 Japanese officials announced that were planning to a review the food safety risks from the use of methyl bromide, hydrogen cyanide and phosphine fumigants.These fumigants are important post-harvest tools for treating quarantine pests on consignments of fresh produce.


The latest

For the latest detailed  information ( December 2013) see the attached word file.  As of Janaury 2017 this review is still a work in progress



As part of that review Japan will ask for data so that the acceptable daily intake (ADI) can be calculated by fumigant and product. If the information is unavailable the product can not be treated by the fumigant before entering Japan.. Where data gaps are present it is unlikely that the chemical companies will be prepared to fund the expensive preparation of such data

New Zealand and other countries could  be negatively affected by the potential loss of treatments. A small scoping project has been agreed to collate information about data needs and timelines. This will allow discussions to be initiated with possible partners so that data can be generated for key products if it is required.