2015 Phytosanitary Certification Standards

Updated MPI Plant Export Certification Standards - 2015

These standards describe MPI's phytosanitary certification system and it's operation.

They  apply to all organisations involved in the export of plant and plant products to countries requiring MPI official assurances and are effective from 1st June 2015. All organisations must be operating under these new standards by 31st Match 2016.

Existing MAO’s need to revise their Systems documentation and have it re-approved. Timeline available here   

The 8 2015 standards for the  revised MPI Plant Export Requirements are available below:

1 MPI Certification Standard: Assurance System Framework

MPI Certification Standard: Organisation Requirements

3 MPI Certification Standard: IVA Requirements

4 MPI Technical Standard: Audit

5 MPI Technical Standard: Phytosanitary Inspection

6 MPI Technical Standard: Phytosanitary Certificates

7 MPI Technical Standard: Certification Mark for Wood Packaging

8 MPI Technical Standard: Pest Freedom Survey

What has changed?

To assist existing MAO’s to identify the main changes to existing standards   brief summaries for each standard have been prepared indicating “What has changed?” . These are available below. For any additional clarification talk with your IVA.

1 Assurance System Framework

2 Organisation Requirements

3 IVA Requirements

4 Audit

5 Phytosanitary Inspection

6 Phytosanitary Certificates

7 Certification Mark for wood Packaging

8 Pest Surveys