Incident management

Maintaining access to our markets needs constant efforts by exporters and Government officials.

It is said in business that your reputation is only as good as the last consignment you sold.  When it comes to export it could be argued this reputation expands to include the quality of all New Zealand produced produce.

New Zealand exporters have in place world class production and processing. It is vitally important that all sectors and individual exporters strive to produce consistently high product for export to maintain that reputation.

Government agencies are heavily involved in negotiating market access and in providing assurance for our export product. To support this work officials must maintain good relationships with officials in our key markets to allow easy communication I future negotiations and to deal with issues as they arise.

Past incidents

Issues and Incidents that may affect entry to our markets are always arising.

A number of the more significant of these and the way in which they have been handled are listed below.

  •  Queensland fruit fly found in Whangerai  2014- two differnt finds were  manged to ensure they did not impact on our exports see here
  • Changing  names from MAF  and NZSFA to MPI  caused issues for apples into Russia see here for an overview of the issue and learnings for the future